Bendix/King KX-125 069-01028-1101 Nav/Com

  • $ 1,049.00

The KX-125 is King's current production, low-cost NAV/COMM. The KX-125 tunes 200 NAV channels and 760 COMM channels. It has a backlit LCD display that features an internal CDI, which reduces your panel space requirements. This display shows simultaneous active and standby frequencies for both the NAV and COMM sides. The internal CDI offers an "Auto-TO" feature that centers the needle and plots a course directly to the active VOR. There are also "TO" and "FROM" markings on the display. An internal VOR/LOC converter is used by the internal CDI, and this circuitry allows the KX-125 to show you the current radial or bearing to the active VOR. The KX-125 is available with two different faceplates. The Silver Crown version has silver trim, and the Crown version, seen here, has an all-black faceplate. The KX-125 also features:

  • Solid state design
  • 5 watts transmit power
  • Push button frequency flip-flop
  • Remote frequency transfer capability
  • Stuck mike prevention and transmit indication
  • Audio leveling
  • TSO'd
  • 8130-3 and 120 day warranty From J A Air Center